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The Steps to Building
Getting your dream home built is just this easy:

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We'll help you select or create the ideal house plan design for your new home. Once we know what you are looking for in your home, we can prepare a construction cost proposal or estimate.

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2. Cost Proposal

Our construction cost proposal will include the home, pool, and all the options you want. This proposal is one the house only. The site may require a site survey to determine what fill, clearing or other site preparation may be needed.

If everything is a go on the proposal, we'll need your signature on the it and an initial deposit of $5,000 which authorizes us to begin the processes of preparing your floor plan for construction, such as making drafting or engineering changes, and ordering

3. Building Contract

The cost proposal is the basis of our building contract. Signing the building contract and bringing the deposit up to 10% (or what is mandated by your lender) will authorize us be begin your construction of your home!

4. Financing

If you plan to finance your new home and have been pre-approved, your lender will provide a timetable when to close on your loan. Mortgage lenders will want to have your final blueprint drawings and firm construction bids prior to final loan closing. Worthington Homes has relationships with various lenders, if you have not already located one.

5. Building Permits.

Our next step is to obtain the building permit. How long this takes can vary depending where we build. If the permit office is backed up or if we're building in an environmentally sensitive area, permits can take longer. Generally, we can obtain permits within a few weeks. Once we know where you will be building, we can provide a better estimate of time needed in obtaining your building permits.

6. The Building Process

Most homes take 5 months to complete, once we break ground. Larger of more complicated homes will take longer. We will keep you up to date during the construction process, even if you are not local. We will schedule a walk though with you, just before at the drywall stage to make last minute changes.

7. Closing on your new home

Two weeks prior to closing, we will walk your home with you to ensure everything is as it should be. Any corrections will be completed prior to closing.