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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the commonly asked questions, but if none of these have touched on something that concerns you, please send an e-mail to .

1.  Home pricing between builders is confusing. WHY?

As with cars, you have the base model and the fully loaded one. The difference between the two, are all the options.

Most builders employ two ways of pricing their homes. The first is the striped down model, with the customer being charged for each option or upgrade. The benefit to the builder is they can advertise a low "Base Model" price. The down side to the customer is they can easily feel like they are being nickel and dimed for every little thing they want.

The second, which Worthington Homes uses, is to strike a balance between including enough nice features and not so many you are paying for features you don't want. Of course, as a custom builder we view the features as a guideline. Our customers have the freedom to add or remove features as they see fit.

2.  What does Worthington Homes' price include?

Our price provides you a completely finished home, inside and out. The outside includes the driveway, sod, & landscaping. Inside includes all major appliances, and flooring. We even include hand mounted storm shutters in our pricing!

The interior décor, such as you see in our models, is not included. Things like window coverings, furniture, wallpaper and the like are displayed in our model to help our customers see how their home might look.

3. We don't have a home site. Can you help us find one?

While we are not a real estate firm, we do work with several Realtors who specialize in home site sales. You are welcome to use one of them, find your own agent or search for a site by yourself.

Keep in mind the size home you want to build. Make sure the foot print of your home  will fit within the set backs of the home site you are considering.

4.  What do we need to keep in mind about site preparation?

If you are considering buying a site, does it have central water and sewer? If it will be a septic system, a perk test will verify that the ground can accommodate one. Is the site in an bald eagle zone? If it is, no building permits will be issued during the nesting period, which is several months long! Does the site need clearing? Does it need fill? Is there any hidden debris, such as discarded concrete slabs, that are covered by vegetation?

As you can see, there are many factors that can affect site preparation. Hiring Worthington Homes, takes the worry out of all this!

5.  Does Worthington Homes provide financing?

We are not set up as a lending firm. We do, however, have several lenders we can recommend that are both competitive and service driven. Or you are welcome to chose any lender you wish.


6.  Can we make changes to floor plans, selections, etc.?

Oh yes! We are a custom home builder. That means, as long as you apply enough money, we can build it.

You can make changes to our stock floor plans or we can create a new plan using your ideas and concepts. You, not us, select everything from the front to the back door, from the flooring to the roof.

7.  How long does it take to build?

That depends on the complexity of your home. Our stock plans typically take 5 - 6 months from the time we break ground.

Construction delays do happen from time to time and are typically out of the builder’s control. (Weather, materials shortages, etc.) Barring any of these types of delays, once we get started on your home, a reliable timetable can be provided.

8.  Can we build 2 story homes?

Absolutely! We can go as high as the local restrictions allow. We can even build in an elevator!

9.  Can Worthington Homes build handicap access or special needs?


10.  What about innovative options?

Have a special hobby and need a work room? Can do! We have a whole list of ideas from structured wiring to gourmet kitchens, home theater to wet bars with wine coolers and beer kegs! That's what makes for great living!

Let's get together to discuss the possibilities for your new home!

11.  We have an RV and need an RV garage.

Travel trailer to class A: No problem!

In fact, we have a list of items every RV garage should have. What are you waiting for? Let's get together to and see what we can do about your RV garage needs.

12.  Warranty

Worthington Homes guarantees each home we build, against defects in the original materials and workmanship for one year from the date of closing.

In fact, we incorporate this warranty right into our building contract and is transferable to future owners.

Still have a question?

Call or email us and we'll be happy to answer your questions!